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Why do we love coming to work?

Open, ergonomic work stations. Plenty of meeting space. Nap room. Fully stocked fridge (the boss does the shopping). Catered lunch meetings. Taco Tuesday. Wings Wednesday. Healthy salads nearly every day. Happy hours. Free (and good) coffee all day long.

Our Creativity Lab

Creativity is a muscle that needs lots of exercise. To keep our staff's creative edges sharp, we started The Creativity Lab. The idea is to bring out the entrepreneur in all of us by inspiring everyone to think outside the cube.

  • Each week everybody (everybody) has the opportunity to spend 10% of their time on an independent project
  • Projects can be any product or service a person is genuinely interested in that has growth potential for the company
  • Team members have full liberty to explore and flesh out their idea from concept to design
  • Bi-weekly meetings assess progress toward goals
  • We present our ideas at quarterly meetings

The Creativity Lab started as a way to drive new product ideas for the company. It has become a great way to attract and retain the best talent, which is good for both our culture and our clients.

Our People

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We don't have any current openings, but we are always interested in talking to talented people. Positions we'd be looking to fill include Senior Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager and Quality Assurance Tester. If your background and experience are a good fit, e-mail your resume for future opportunities to Forrest Sartell at fpsartell@sartellgroup.com.